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Wujiang city gold lida casting Co., LTD
Telephone: 0512-63684388
Mobile phones: 13806259960
Contact: Mr. Yuan
Fax: 0512-63688658
Address: jiangsu wujiang mei weir town west side joint development 103Km 318 highway
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The company is located in the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan - - - - - - suzhou wujiang mei weir town, abuts 318 highway and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, the taihu lake. The total area of 20 acres of farmland. Main equipments Casting mould line wax with 2, 500 kg 2 sets of intermediate frequency furnace and 250 kilograms of 1, 2, Q379 abrators slots, two 250KV resistance, heat treatment furnace shell mould workshop, the roaster 2 sets of test equipment, 3000 square meters, KangCheng QC atomic emission spectrometer in Germany, 30 tons a tension test machine, etc, this company has complete facilities through ISO9001-2000 certification, Belgium apragaz CE has passed. Production capacity Our company is a private enterprise, the annual production valve blank piece of 1800-2000 tons, now 110 workers, including hiring of nuclear Sue valve senior engineer 3, the existing technical personnel 10, specializing in the production of various WCB and LCC, CA15, WC6 CF8M, various material, main client: jiangyin Oriental valve Co., LTD, nuclear Sue valve, nantong high-medium pressure valves Co., LTD, NiuWei suzhou valve Co., LTD, large enterprise production valve blank, mainly produces all kinds of valves, check valves, globe valves, lens, ball valve, valve, filter valves, etc.t
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